[Fresh Press] The Patient’s Voice, Drink of the Week & Winter Cocktails

Rachel Taylor / November 17, 2017

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NOV 17, A Week of [Fresh Press]

HUFF POST: Consumers Can Help Improve the Patient Experience and Quality of Care

[Fresh Press] Gary Kaplan, chairman and CEO of Virginia Mason Health System in Seattle
Photo courtesy of Virginia Mason
In a recent piece contributed to Huff Post, Gary Kaplan, Chairman and CEO of the Virginia Mason Health System discusses how the patient’s voice is critical to helping improving the patient experience and quality of care within health systems.

He offers a few example of how consumers can help improve health care, such as serving as the patient voice at workshops, volunteering to review educational materials (i.e. website/brochures), and being a peer-partner to a current patient.


Imbibe Magazine: Drink of the Week: Caskai Sparkling Cascara Infusion

[Fresh Press} Caskai Sparkling Cascara Infusion is the drink of the week for Imbibe magazine
Photo courtesy of Caskai
The use of cascara—the dried husk of coffee cherries that gets removed from the beans as they’re processed—has been popping up everywhere from Slingshot to Starbucks, popular for its mild caffeine kick and bright, tart flavor.

Austrian company Caskai uses the cascara from arabica beans in Panama and Nicaragua sourced by its sister company Panama Varietals. The coffee cherries are steeped in water to create a tea-like infusion, which is then sweetened with cane sugar and carbonated. The result is a lightly sweet soda with fruity, floral flavors. Caskai rolled out to U.S. markets this fall, with company outposts in Seattle and Davidson, North Carolina. Currently available for order on Amazon, the company is looking to begin distribution in coffee shops soon. $16/6-pack, amazon.com.


WUSA 9 (city): Bar Louie’s Winter Friendly Cocktails


Los Angeles Sentinel: 5 Tips for Selecting Your Medicare Coverage before Dec. 7 Deadline

[Fresh Press} Rick Beavins, market president of Humana in California
Photo courtesy of Humana
If you have Medicare but haven’t selected a 2018 Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan, the Dec. 7 annual enrollment deadline is quickly approaching. Rick Beavin, market president for Humana, California region, shares five simple steps to help you make the best decision.

1. Review your current Medicare health plan.
2. Know your options.
3. Comparison shop.
4. Consider the “extras” included.
5. Get help! There are lots of resources available for research.

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