Virginia Mason CEO, Dr. Gary Kaplan Is Vocal About The ACA

Rachel Taylor / April 5, 2017

In Dr. Gary Kaplan’s recent byline, published in the Bellevue Reporter last month, the Virginia Mason¬†Chairman and CEO urges the public to “remain vigilant and vocal about the many benefits the ACA brings to more than 24 million people across our country”.¬†

Dr. Kaplan’s call-to-action comes during an unprecedented surge of approval for the Affordable Care Act, a major turned around from five months ago. Gallup reports that 55% of Americans approve of the health care law, marking the first time a majority has approved of it.

In his piece, the Virginia Mason CEO also highlights the top five benefits that the ACA has improved our health care system.

Read more in the Bellevue Reporter here.

Rachel Taylor

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