Pushpay Expands to Canada; Partners with Church OS

Diane Geurts / October 12, 2015

Pushpay, a mobile and digital giving organization, announced today it is expanding into Canada to offer a mobile giving platform for churches. Pushpay is also partnering with web design and development company, Church OS. Pushpay will now be the featured mobile and digital giving partner for Church OS customers.

“Churches need to utilize innovation and technology to help their ministry,” said Curt Roman of Calvary Christian Church in Surrey, British Columbia. “People want to give, but if it’s not an easy process, it’s not going to happen. Since virtually everyone carries a cell phone today, adding Pushpay as a giving option makes it easy for our congregation to give.”

Pushpay offers churches a mobile-friendly way to accept tithes in just 10-seconds. It currently partners with 1,4000 member churches in the United States. Churches are guaranteed to see an annual increase in giving of at least five percent when using Pushpay, or they are refunded their monthly fees.

“We recently conducted a survey of Canadian pastors and found that there is an appetite for new giving solutions, and technologies that are easy to use to help churches spread their ministry,” said Chris Heaslip, CEO and co-founder of Pushpay. “We’re excited to work with Church OS to give churches the digital tools they need to reach their congregation members and encourage generosity.”

According to Catalyst, in 2014, 55 percent of Canadians owned a smartphone and that number has increased to 68 percent in 2015. But a report by Frontier Marketing Co. found that in a survey of 92 Christian charities, 58 percent of them were not using mobile responsive websites.

“Our research shows that the most important thing about a church website is making it accessible for congregation members, and perspective new members,” said Matt Morrison, co-founder of Church OS. “Technology is an underutilized tool in the church, and when used correctly it can encourage more participation and interaction.”

Church OS builds websites for churches that can be easily updated in real-time by any staff member, at a reasonable cost per month.

Pushpay and Church OS will be giving a webinar on the best technology and mobile practices for churches. For more information, visit: http://echurchgiving.com/.


About Pushpay

Pushpay provides mobile commerce tools that facilitate fast, secure and easy non-point of sale payments between consumers and merchants. Pushpay targets merchants who are looking to offer convenient, personalized and intuitive payment solutions to their consumers. Pushpay services three target markets: the faith sector, non-profit organizations and enterprises (both small-medium sized enterprises and corporate organizations). With our faith partners, we provide resources to encourage generosity through web-based giving solutions that are revolutionizing the way congregations give. Learn more at www.pushpay.com.

About Church OS

Church OS saw churches across Canada and the U.S. struggling to set up professional, easy-to-use websites. Knowing the importance of a strong first impression on the web and what a great website can do for an organization, the team at Church OS has created a website platform that equips churches with an affordable and powerful solution to help them grow their congregations. Learn more at www.churchos.com.